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(HEART TO HEART) Love Intentionally Couples Retreat Recap: We're "ALL IN"
*Client Testimonial
This past weekend my husband and I had one of the best weekends of our lives and definitely one of the top 3 experiences in our marriage (probably our wedding day being #1). We attended a couples retreat hosted by our fabulous relationship coaches James and Angela, the founders of Love Intentionally.

This episode is a breakdown of the retreat, why we went, what we did and what we got out of it. To say we had breakthroughs would be an understatement. We are truly changed, and even though this is veering slightly from my normal content, I hope this inspires you regardless if you’re in a relationship or not; to take intentional time to strengthen ANY type of relationship you have.
Parents can have a great sex life too! With Love Intentionally
How do you make sure that you still have intimacy with your partner even after having kids? Angela and James Mitchell are creating the most amazing life together. Pulling from their experiences personally in their 10+ years of marriage and professionally as a licensed counselor and certified coach, Angela and James developed Love Intentionally to help couples co-create the life of their dreams. Through facilitating retreats, 2:2 couples coaching, and their Retreat in a Box called the Love Bomb, they help couples connect deeply, communicate effectively, and strategically plan their life in order to reach their goals.  They know that together they are better than the sum of their parts and they are excited to help plant this seed of expansive love in your life!
Sex for Busy Parents with James & Angela Mitchell
Sex & Love Co relationship coaches, James and Angela Mitchell, are on the show to talk about navigating intimacy and sex when you have children! They share what to expect in the beginning of raising kids, and how they prioritized their relationship to keep the intimacy alive. The couple unpacks how they’ve nurtured their relationship to make their sex life even hotter since having children! Angela and James also provide insight into how they’re raising their children in a sex-positive home, and how to create a foundation of open communication and trust with your kids.
Sex, Life & Love Intentionally w Angela and James Mitchell
Let's talk about sex! Today we strip off cultural taboos and expose the modern hangups, kinks and quirks of couples growing together.

James and Angela Mitchell are entrepreneurs who's small business "Love Intentionally" helps good couples stay great through workshops and facilitated "Love Camps" – so in this episode we dig into a wide range of topics from young crushes through the bumps of adolescence into the potential pitfalls of mature relationships with kids and households and compounding complexity.

So listen to this one with someone you love... It's business time!
Sex Magick with The Mitchells!
On this episode I'm joined by The Mitchels!! Making your dream comes true with orgasms... what? YES! That's what we are chatting about today!!! This is a couple who hit a fork in their sexual life and sought out help from a sex coach, Alexa Martinez, @thatsexchick. This allowed them to work on their communication and also uncover their true desires. They were already engaging in some relationship rituals and then they discovered sex magick! What is sex magick? It's sexual activity that is typically done in a spiritual, ritualistic way between self or within couples. It's a way to connect our bodies with the universal source and create true magic within our lives. Think of it as visualizing your dreams when orgasming.
Ninja Spouse Spills All
In today’s Ninja Selling podcast, Garrett and Matt are joined by special guests and long-term Ninjas, James and Angela Mitchell. James and Angela discuss how being a successful Ninja requires work-life harmony and must include a spouse or partner that is also on board and on the same page with what it means to be a Ninja. They highlight some of the aspects that they have found critical over the years, including making communication a focus, sharing your business tracker, letting your life partner into your business, and revisiting roles and goals over the years. Pursuing harmony in your relationships and your business is always of paramount importance, and today the Mitchells educate us all on some of the ways you can make this happen.