Co-Create The Life Of Your Dreams

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Helping Good Partnerships Become Great...And Keeping Them That Way

Have you noticed when your relationship with your partner is going great that everything else is that much greater? The love that you create in yourself, with your partner, and in your home radiates to the world around you. It compounds and it grows. It frees up your ability to show up as your best self and invest your loving energy in the other important areas of your life.

Creating the life of your dreams is possible! It takes intention, skills and inspired actions. We help couples create greater depth and connection, add intentionality into their life, and facilitate strategic planning to achieve the life of their dreams. What love, and life, do you dream of? What seeds of love are you planting?

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While the path to your intentional partnership may start here, the lessons and tools you’ll learn are sure to stay with you on your journey. Our hope is that in choosing this path, your love will continually grow and thrive, allowing you to better spread love to the world.

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Products and Services

DIY Couples Retreat Kit

Feeling pretty good about your ability to tackle this on your own and just need some guidance? You receive:

  • A copy of Love Intentionally: A Couple’s Guide to Co-Creating the Life of Their Dreams
  • 30-minute pre and post-retreat call ($250 value!)
  • Additional tools and resources

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Facilitated Couples Retreat

Want the structure and support of a facilitated retreat? Come join us and get the following:

  • A licensed counselor and Certified Coach as your facilitators
  • Feedback, ideas, and support from the intimate group setting
  • Focused time to ensure success in completing the guide
  • Safe space to explore the depths of your partnership

Upcoming Retreats

Couples 2:2 Coaching


The two of us helping the two of you achieve your lofty goals.

  • A unique approach by getting both James and Angela as your co-coaches
  • Help in determining your highest and best focus while learning the skills you need to achieve the results you desire.
  • Support in navigating obstacles that arise

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We Believe...

  • All loving partnerships deserve to thrive, including all religious affiliations and sexual orientations.
  • Loving someone else starts with loving yourself. The best partnerships are those in which each partner is the best version of themselves.
  • The more love you give, the more love you receive. How cool is that?!
  • What you focus on expands. We choose to focus on love and gratitude.
  • A healthy relationship is easier to maintain than fix. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • When your partnership has a solid, loving foundation, you have more loving energy to share with the world.
  • Your relationship is bigger than the stories you’ve created in your head.

About Us

Our Love Intentionally couples guide has been created with intention since our first retreat back when we were engaged. We've got big dreams, lofty goals, and a right mind to create our most amazing life together. And, that takes work, focus, and a plan amidst the hustle and bustle of life, careers, and 3 kids + a big fluffy Bernewfie named Mozey. Angela is the planner and counselor, James is the strategist and visionary. Together we are better than the sum of our parts and we are excited to help plant this seed of expansive love in your most cherished relationship. We've been married since 2011...and still got it.


We fell in love at first night. It was a snowy night in November of 2009. Out for a romantic walk in the fresh snow, James fell for Angela the moment she fell into the snow to make a snow angel. She told him she loved him the next month (much to his joy) and it was clear we were meant for each other. We got hitched in July of 2011. We had an "insta-family" with Angela's bio, and James' bonus son, Sorin. Since then we've had 2 daughters together, Brooklyn and Jocie. We love spending time together in the Colorado outdoors, adventuring to foreign lands, and having fun with our families and framily.


I was born in Hamilton, OH and raised in Concord, NC. I majored in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at North Carolina State University. After college, I moved to Telluride, CO where I worked at the San Miguel Resource Center, providing crisis counseling for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and teaching violence prevention education in three local school districts. From there, I moved to Fort Collins in 2007 to pursue a Master’s in Counseling and Career Development at Colorado State University. As James likes to say, “I was the valedictorian of everything.” I am now a recovering over-achiever and James is an excellent balance to my perfectionist tendencies. Since 2009 I have been a school counselor in Poudre School District, working with children, families, and teachers to help equip kids with the skills they need to thrive. As an extrovert, I love being around people…little and grown. I love being outdoors, listening to music (especially when James plays for me), dancing, reading, exercising, traveling, and eating/cooking yummy, healthy food.


I'm from Houston, Texas, which is a great place to be from. I came to Fort Collins for college at Colorado State and have yet to leave this fine town. I've been a real estate entrepreneur since graduation doing brokerage, investing, and starting a home solar consulting company. Now I spend my time coaching with Love Intentionally and Ninja Selling to help others live life at a 10 out of 10. At each step of this path I've been fortunate to have great coaching and mentors that valued personal growth, the power of the mind, and integrating those tools in order to live my highest and best life. It's from this highest and best self that I show up for my marriage.

A Love Intentionally Retreat is for you, if

  • You are in a good relationship and would like it to be great. This is not for couples in crisis or for those trying to save their relationship. For those couples, we recommend a retreat or counseling designed for couples in crisis.
  • You are in a great relationship and would like to keep it that way.
  • You are in a committed partnership in which you are creating a life together.
  • You are ready to make the pivot to greater intentionality in your life.
  • You have a willingness and desire to be your best self and to support your partner in being their best self.
  • You see the value in creating greater depth and connection in your partnership while engaging in strategic life planning.

“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer