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At Love Intentionally, we blend counseling and coaching to help committed couples design, implement, and sustain a conscious relationship rooted in depth, intimacy, intentionality, and a strategic life plan.
At Love Intentionally™, we blend counseling and coaching to help committed couples design, implement, and sustain a conscious relationship rooted in depth, intimacy, intentionality, and a strategic life plan.
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A great relationship
uplifts and empowers
each of you.
Great relationships provide emotional refuge and nourishment--they are a space for deep connection and understanding. Great relationships make life easier, not harder. The problem is, very few of us are experiencing this. We're simply not taught how.
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Our Love Intentionally Approach for Guiding Conscious Couples

We build a safe container by:

Defining and agreeing upon the coaching relationship guidelines
Assessing relationship needs, desires, goals and intentions
Listening and guiding with empathy, curiosity, and openness

We increase depth and connection by:

Improving self-awareness and presence
Providing common language and tools for greater intimacy
Helping each partner see and be seen in a new way

We help to create your strategic life plan by:

Clarifying what it is you really want
Providing a framework for setting and meeting your individual and relationship goals
Identifying the area of focus that will have the largest impact
We believe couples in love will change the world.
The love you create within yourself, with your partner, and in your home radiates to those around you. It is the gateway to the profound connection we fundamentally crave as humans. It allows you to show up as your best self in all areas of life…as a parent, co-worker, friend, sibling, neighbor. This love creates a ripple effect with the ability to reach far and wide.  Not only do you deserve to have deeply fulfilling love for yourself and your partner, the world deserves it, too.

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Interested in one of our programs?


“Angela and James have been INSTRUMENTAL in our growth over the last 8 months. Without them, I highly doubt we'd be as connected or intimate, but mostly, we are well on our way to creating the family of our dreams, and I KNOW the work we've done with Angela and James is the main reason why. We truly don't know where our relationship would be without them, and can't imagine not having them in our lives, to not only hold us accountable to what we deserve in a beautiful marriage, but also to hold space for really tough times. They've been there for us through the toughest times in our lives, and I know we're stronger as a couple because of the work we've done with them through those trying times. We can't thank them enough!”
Mike & Megan
“Angela and James bring such amazing and open energy to every coaching conversation, creating such a welcoming and curious space. I felt really seen and their suggestions and questions helped provide so much clarity and direction. They really helped us with our communication and really provided so much practical guidance and encouragement. We're big fans and we've already referred our friends.”
Ben & Amanda
“Love Intentionally forever transformed our marriage and our lives. Whether we are developing new goals and intentions for the components that are foundational to any relationship or simply checking in on existing progress, the Love Intentionally programs helps force you to carve out the time and space and provides the structure needed to get on the same page and stay there. The programs accommodate all walks of life in all stages of life and provides guidance and direction for couples looking to level up. We are forever grateful for the meaningful and lasting change Love Intentionally brought to our relationship.”
Marli & McCabe
Multiple Programs
“David and I just got back from one of the most amazing weekends. We went on a marriage retreat (aka “Love Camp”) hosted by the incredible Angela and James. This marriage retreat was designed to help good partnerships become great, and to help us “plan the life of our dreams”. And I can say it truly did just that and more. I’m blown away at what was able to come out of this experience. Surrounded by other incredible couples who I love and respect and have now learned so much from. I am certain this weekend forever changed us as a couple.”
Charisse & David
Love Camp
“Wow! This was amazing! We think we are communicating, we think we're on the same page - this retreat in a box outlined the sometimes fun, the sometimes hard, all necessary things for us to talk about, plan for, and sometimes laugh over! Thanks for the outline for our long lasting, loving future! Highly recommend for any relationship you want to make last!”
Retreat in a Box

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