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Tandem Holistic
Couples Coaching

Our 2:2 coaching (2 coaches and the couple) creates Intentional space for couples to have critical conversations that take their relationship to the next level. Our holistic framework and proven tools enable couples to move from where they are to where they desire to be.

Working with Love Intentionally is equivalent to working with 4 different types of professions at once. Together, Angela and James are a blend of couples counselor, relationship coach, sex and intimacy coach, and life coach. Having both Angela and James for your couples coaching means that you get both of their creative minds and differing sets of strengths completely focused on your relationship...offering ideas, insight, direction, action steps, and accountability. Blending knowledge acquired from Angela’s 15+ years as a counselor and James’ work as a professional coach, as well as their own relationship, they draw from a wealth of experience and wisdom to help you succeed.

Our process includes:

A Connection Call and Intake Interview
A customized plan for designing, implementing and sustaining the conscious relationship you desire
Tools for increasing self-awareness, depth, connection, and intimacy
Weekly or bimonthly 2:2 coaching sessions (with options for 1:1 breakout sessions)
Accountability and check-ins

Typical outcomes:

Greater depth, connection, and intimacy with your partner
Improved communication through common language and proven tools
Awareness of the conscious and non-conscious patterns of thought and action that are sabotaging your path to success
Clarity on your goals and desires
A strategic plan to create the life you dream of

Topics we coach to:

Family Dynamics
Intimacy (emotional & physical)
Health and Wellness
Household Management
Conflict Resolution
Connection to self and worthiness