About Us

Getting to Happily Ever After Didn’t Happen Overnight.

Even though we have lots of training, degrees and real world experience, we are still learning and growing everyday. Our relationship work is based on our personal experience, research, and practice throughout a 13-year friendship, and 11-year marriage.
Angela Mitchell
Although born in Ohio, Angela was raised in the South in Concord, NC.  As a recovering overachiever, she has lots of degrees and training.  She majored in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at North Carolina State University and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University.  She has numerous certificates and has attended trainings on topics such as relationship coaching, mindfulness, behavioral change and interventions, sex and intimacy, healing from abuse and trauma, and restorative practices.  She has been in the field of counseling and coaching for almost 20 years including crisis counseling for survivors of abuse, counseling children and families as a school counselor, and couples and relationship coaching.

As a child of divorced parents and having a failed long-term relationship that left her as a single mom to her son, Angela knew that she wanted something different.  In 2009, she met James and they began the process of creating a loving and intentional partnership.  They married in 2011 and added two daughters to their brood.  She believes that the best gift she can give her children is healthy and happy parents in a healthy and happy relationship, and she makes that a priority every day.  As an extrovert, she loves being around people, both the little ones and the big ones. She loves being outdoors, listening to music (especially when James plays), dancing, reading, exercising, traveling, and eating/cooking yummy, healthy food.  Her superpower is allowing women of all ages to recognize, own, and embody their goddessness and power.
James Mitchell
James is passionate about living his best life and helping others to do the same. He absolutely LOVES his wife, kids, and career (in that order) and is deeply fulfilled being in a relationship with each of them. He is a collector of experiences and great memories. His cultivation and application of the law of attraction and mindset are at the core of how he coaches and lives his life.

James' essence and energy has always been easy going (and hilarious), even during his deep growth years where he was getting in the way of his own healing. Having grown up in the Bible Belt, James brought loads of religious sexual shame and guilt into his intimate relationships. This conditioning directly affected him as a husband and father, where frustration and anger began affecting him and the people he loved most. Realizing that the biggest obstacle between the life he had and the life he wanted was himself, he got to work creating his best life.

Today, after coaching hundreds of clients in multiple arenas and industries, James is loving the feeling of being a world class husband, #1 Dad to his kids (just like the coffee mug says), and doing this all while truly loving himself, intentionally. His superpower is asking the right questions that cut through the noise to find clarity.