Colin and Michelle

By - May 9, 2020

“My wife Michelle and I have used the Love Intentionally guidebook two years in a row to help kick off the new year. We love taking time to focus on our relationship and have seen a measurable value to collaboratively evaluating the previous year and setting our intentions for the coming 12 months. Each year we have taken a 3-day weekend to get out of the house and stay somewhere in the mountains to focus on our relationship, career, and personal goals, while also tackling the tough stuff like an annual budget or evaluating what led to conflicts in the prior year. We find that staying in the mountains allows us to sprinkle in hiking, hot tubs, and playing with the dogs to relax through the retreat. Using James and Angela’s guidebook to lead us through key conversations, we are able to plan and dream while also creating a document we can look back on through the year to hold ourselves accountable to our goals and each other. Whether you have been married for decades or just got hitched last month I know all couples can benefit from a weekend together and little help from the folks at Love Intentionally.”