Ashley & Ben

By - May 9, 2020

Like any newly married couple, we have a lot of goals and aspirations for our life together, but frankly, we didn’t really have a concrete plan to get us there. Angela and James have created a practical and approachable system to start building a foundation in 10 different areas of your life together. After completing the weekend, we found ourselves a united force ready to take on the year and our life plan. Two pleasant surprises we got from our retreat weekend was 1.) the learnings and friendships we took with us from the other couples at the retreat, all of which were in different phases of their relationship and 2.) we found areas of our relationship that deepened through providing a space to have an intentional conversation. We built in this ‘space’ for intentional conversation into our plan. We highly recommend this retreat to any couple looking to build a life of intentionality.