Ashley & Ben

Like any newly married couple, we have a lot of goals and aspirations for our life together, but frankly, we didn’t really have a concrete plan to get us there. Angela and James have created a practical and approachable system to start building a foundation in 10 different areas of your life together. After completing the weekend, we found ourselves a united force ready to take on the year and our life plan. Two pleasant surprises we got from our retreat weekend was 1.) the learnings and friendships we took with us from the other couples at the retreat, all of which were in different phases of their relationship and 2.) we found areas of our relationship that deepened through providing a space to have an intentional conversation. We built in this ‘space’ for intentional conversation into our plan. We highly recommend this retreat to any couple looking to build a life of intentionality.

Katie and Adam

Using this marriage retreat guidebook gave my partner and I structure to talk about so many topics we needed to address- from the every day to the adventure. I am so grateful for the work we have done through this platform and we will continue to use it every year. Our lives are better for it.

Charisse and David

David and I just got back from one of the most amazing weekends. We went on a marriage retreat, that we have been calling “Love camp” hosted by the incredible Angela and James. This marriage retreat was designed to help good partnerships become great, and to help us “plan the life of our dreams”. And I can say it truly did just that and more. I’m blown away at what was able to come out of this experience. Surrounded by other incredible couples who I love and respect and have now learned so much from. I am certain this weekend forever changed us as a couple.

Taylor and Michael

My husband and I aim to take a trip together (without kids) every year and this guidebook has become our literal guide for communication and reflection on the past year. We love how it covers different topics of marriage and leads us to some hard questions that we could easily become too lazy to come up with ourselves. Now we look forward to this every year, and it always provides us with deeper connection and growth!


Wow! This was amazing! We think we are communicating, we think we’re on the same page – this retreat outlined the sometimes fun, sometimes the hard, all necessary things for us to talk about, plan for, and sometimes laugh over! Thanks for the outline for our long lasting, loving future! Highly recommend for any relationship you want to make last!

Mark and Gwen

Gwen & I had a most wonderful time at the Love Intentionally retreat. Angela and James put all their hearts and deep smarts into their program along with great accommodations, and delicious food.

It was a joy to share life experiences with the other couples, and learn from them as well. Gwen and I might represent an older demographic, both of us starting over in our later years… yet the program was as meaningful to us now, as it may have been 30 years ago.

Christa and Dave

“After nine years of marriage, this guidebook was an invaluable tool for my husband and I. It gave us a framework to check in with each other and ourselves and ask, “What do we want for ourselves, our family and our relationship?” and “Are we doing what we need to achieve our goals?” Not only did we enjoy the time spent together doing the work, but more than anything, we are enjoying the results of creating an intentional roadmap for our year(s) to come. I look forward to every year completing this together and only wish we had started sooner.”

“Success leaves clues…and the marriage retreat guidebook provides a framework for us to build and develop the most important relationship in our life- our marriage.”

Jenn and John

“Angela and James have always exuded a love for life, their tribe, and each other that is something others strive for. The guidebook is so approachable, yet detailed and user-friendly, it can help a couple not become just like them, but become their own best selves, together. It did for us!”

“How lucky we are to have these people and their expertise, coupled with this guidebook, in our lives! The guidebook was the perfect tool for us – both busy & working full time, two young kids at home, and lots on the calendar – but the best part about it is it truly can work for any couple. It is simple yet personalize-able, and concise yet broad. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with us!”

Greg and Ashley

“Creating time and space to reflect on our life and relationship is incredibly potent for us…it’s a game changer. And this guidebook helped facilitate the process in ways we wouldn’t even have thought of! It’s a great guide to really looking at all areas of your life.”

Amelia and Jens

“As newlyweds my husband and I used Love Intentionally as a framework to map out our goals and future for our first years of marriage. We found the material to be incredibly thought provoking and helpful. We loved the conversations it facilitated and we now try to live everyday with the intentions we set when on our retreat. This material is relevant for any couple, whatever walk of life you’re on. Highly recommended!!”

Colin and Michelle

“My wife Michelle and I have used the Love Intentionally guidebook two years in a row to help kick off the new year. We love taking time to focus on our relationship and have seen a measurable value to collaboratively evaluating the previous year and setting our intentions for the coming 12 months. Each year we have taken a 3-day weekend to get out of the house and stay somewhere in the mountains to focus on our relationship, career, and personal goals, while also tackling the tough stuff like an annual budget or evaluating what led to conflicts in the prior year. We find that staying in the mountains allows us to sprinkle in hiking, hot tubs, and playing with the dogs to relax through the retreat. Using James and Angela’s guidebook to lead us through key conversations, we are able to plan and dream while also creating a document we can look back on through the year to hold ourselves accountable to our goals and each other. Whether you have been married for decades or just got hitched last month I know all couples can benefit from a weekend together and little help from the folks at Love Intentionally.”

“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer