Our retreats are for couples who are interested in taking their partnerships from good to great… and keeping it that way!

Facilitated retreats are a fun, safe, and uplifting way to co-create the life of your dreams and design your relationship with expert guidance. Carve out the time with your partner to focus on connecting, reflecting, celebrating, dreaming, goal-setting, gettin’ deep, and the simple satisfaction of being together. Your love deserves this!

“David and I just got back from one of the most amazing weekends. We went on a marriage retreat, that we have been calling “Love camp” hosted by the incredible Angela and James. This marriage retreat was designed to help good partnerships become great, and to help us “plan the life of our dreams”. And I can say it truly did just that and more. I’m blown away at what was able to come out of this experience. Surrounded by other incredible couples who I love and respect and have now learned so much from. I am certain this weekend forever changed us as a couple.”
– Charisse

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Upcoming Retreats

Fall 2022 Colorado-Facilitated by Angela+James, Sept 9-11, 2022

Join us and 5 other couples for a weekend that will bring more intention, love, and intimacy into your relationship. 

When:  Sept 9-11, 2022 (The Rocky Mountains will be showing off their Fall colors!) 

Where: Fox Acres Resort, Red Feather Lakes, CO (1 hours from Fort Collins) 

Who: You and 5 other amazing couples ready to up-level their lives. Group has been intentionally curated by the facilitator. (*Only 4 spots remaining as of Feb 2022)

Why: Because you already know what happens when you put energy and intention into the connection and growth of your partnership.

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What to expect at a Love Intentionally Facilitated Retreat:

  • A strategic approach to ensure optimization of your time and results.
  • Support from a licensed counselor in navigating any sensitive areas during your retreat.
  • Facilitation and coaching throughout the process, providing tools along the way and ensuring the work gets done.
  • Built-in quality couple time. You will enjoy individual reflection time, free time to enjoy each others’ company and intimacy, outdoor adventure time if you like, and multiple "dates" for lunches and dinners.
  • Ample individual couple time to delve in to each topic, with support from facilitators as needed.
  • Over the course of the retreat you’ll grow to know the other intentional couples, learn from their experiences, and feed off of the collective intelligence that is unique to each retreat. Couples may choose to share with the group to their comfortability level.
  • As facilitators, we provide individual check-ins with each couple and are available if hotspots arise throughout the weekend.
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A Facilitated Love Intentionally Retreat is for you if:

  • You are in a good relationship and would like it to be great. This is not for couples in crisis or for those trying to save their relationship. For those couples, we recommend a retreat or counseling designed for couples in crisis.
  • You are in a committed partnership in which you are creating a life together, regardless of marital status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • You are ready to make the pivot to greater intentionality in your life.
  • You have a willingness and desire to be your best self and to support your partner in being their best self.
  • You see the value in creating greater depth and connection in your partnership while engaging in strategic life planning.
  • You prefer a facilitator to help guide you through the process and optimize success.
  • You find value in processing and debriefing with others, learning from each others’ experiences.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Couples in committed partnerships, looking to take their partnership from good to great. This is not for couples in crisis. The retreat is designed for couples that are self-aware and are willing to invest the energy and resources in becoming their best self and support their partner in becoming their best self.

During the retreat, the facilitators will navigate you through the Love Intentionally Guide in three strategic phases (Strategic Life Planning, Deeply Connecting in Your Relationship, and Taking Your Love Into the World). Couples will tackle a topic or two on their own and then gather with the rest of the group for debriefing, sharing ideas, and learning tools provided by the facilitators. There is time built in for couples’ to have “date” time and down time, as well as social time with other couples if desired.

Colorado retreats are 3 days (2 nights), usually Friday midday to Sunday evening.  International Retreats are 4 days (4 nights).

We have resort accommodations that are comfortable and private.  Each couple will have their own room and bathroom. See info on upcoming retreats for more specific accommodations.

Most meals are included (usually 2 per day).  See specific upcoming retreat for which meals are included and which are on your own.

We believe in clean, healthy eating as part of our self-care.  The places we host retreats are usually able to accommodate some dietary restrictions.  Please let us know and we will make efforts to accommodate your needs.

As much as we love our furry friends, our retreats do not allow for pets.  If you have an animal that is licensed for your assistance, please contact us.

Great question!  The best gift you can give your children is parents in a happy and healthy relationship.  Some ideas that have worked for us or other retreat attendees are…ask a family member to watch them for the weekend.  We have found that sometimes grandparents or other relatives love an excuse to come visit, especially if they know it’s for something as important as you staying happily coupled.  Send them to “aunt camp” (or another relative). Ask a friend to watch them (some of our single friends love getting “kid” time). Ask another family to swap childcare with you (you take their kids for a weekend so they can do a retreat, too!). Is there a babysitter that you would trust to do a weekend?  You could also do a combination of these…babysitter one night and friend sleepover the other night. It can take some finagling but having this time away is worth it! The return on investment is priceless.

Click here for a sample packing list.  Naturally this will vary based on the location and climate of your retreat.

It is not uncommon to have one resistant partner.  Resistance is usually related to fear. You may choose to start by asking your partner about their resistance or fear.  If we can help answer questions that may alleviate these fears, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to get the four of us in communication and see if we can find a path that works for you both.

For many couples, doing this on your own can feel overwhelming.  The facilitators are there to help set the tone and stage for the weekend, guide you through the topics, offer tools and resources, provide assistance with any hotspots or trigger points you might encounter, ensure you are able to optimize your time and make your way through the entire guide, and provide coaching to help you identify where to place your focus in moving forward.  In addition, past attendees have found the collective intelligence from the debriefing sessions extremely valuable.

Yes, we will work with you.  All payments must be received in full 60 days prior to retreat.

Yes.  We believe that every couple that is willing to invest in having an intentional partnership deserves to thrive, regardless of their current socioeconomic status.  If you are interested in a Love Intentionally Retreat and need assistance, please contact Angela at angela@loveintentionally.co.

“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer