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FREE PDF Download of the Love Intentionally™ Relationship Board Meeting agenda.

We’d be honored to help you and your partner co-create the life that y’all dream of! This free tool is something that we use weekly to keep our house running smoothly. It allows us time to stay on the same page about all the moving parts of life, while ensuring we dedicate time and energy to the depth, connection and intimacy in our relationship.

May as well give it a try…what have you got to lose?


The best way to stay intentional about your life together! 

We have a saying around our house that “the work is never done” (borrowed from the band, Satsang). Between our careers, 3 kids, giant dog, health and wellness rituals, school, sports, etc, we were always feeling like we were simply treading water. And, while that was good enough for a time, only treading water was not honoring our goals and dreams we have for our life.

The idea of a weekly Relationship Board Meeting was a no-brainer for our lifestyle. It’s a set time to check in on a weekly basis to do all the planning and thinking ahead. It’s a time for us to connect on how we are feeling and what we are needing. Having this dedicated practice also means that the seemingly never-ending cycle of planning and organizing all the parts of our household was more confined and do not bleed into the other spaces.

We hope you enjoy our outline and feel free to make it your own! Best practice for this is typically on Sunday afternoon and it takes us anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Please let us know which parts are the most valuable to your relationship, and which parts you think suck. Like life, this document will grow and continually get better. Just drop James a message:


“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer