DIY Retreat Kit


“Wow! This was amazing! We think we are communicating, we think we’re on the same page – this retreat outlined the sometimes fun, sometimes the hard, all necessary things for us to talk about, plan for, and sometimes laugh over! Thanks for the outline for our long lasting, loving future! Highly recommend for any relationship you want to make last!”
Barb I


Love Intentionally: A Couples’ Guide to Co-creating the Life of Your Dreams is designed for all committed and loving partnerships. With guiding questions, tools, and resources, the Love Intentionally Couples’ Guide ensures that you and your partner are addressing the most important areas of your life and relationship. By providing additional tools and resources and two 30-minute coaching calls (pre and post retreat) as part of the DIY Retreat Kit, we help ensure that your retreat is a success!

Included in the DIY Retreat Kit:

  • Printed copy of Love Intentionally: A Couples’ Guide to Co-Creating the Life of Their Dreams
  • Download for fillable electronic version of Love Intentionally:  A Couples’ Guide to Co-Creating the Life of Their Dreams
  • Two 30-minute 2:2 coaching calls (pre and post retreat)
  • Additional tools and resources (packing list, tip sheets, personality tests, etc.)
  • Completion Certificate

Our topics and guiding questions allow for greater depth and connection while strategic life planning.  You can look forward to the topics of:

  • Finances (budget, investments, debt reduction, net worth tracking, fun)
  • Travel (planning, budgeting, holiday schedule) 
  • Relationship (sex, communication, couple time, division of household duties)
  • Parenting, if applicable (co-parenting, dreams for children, chores, school)
  • Bucket List (dreaming and planning)
  • Spirituality/Religion (core beliefs, church family, practices)
  • Giving (volunteering, financial support, kids’ roles, organizations)

The DIY Retreat Kit is for couples who feel ready to tackle this on their own.  To reap the full benefits of the Love Intentionally Guide and process, you will need to carve out 2-3 nights for the two of you to get away to fully focus on each other and ensure you are able to address all the topics. Not ready or sound overwhelming?  Check out our Facilitated Couples Retreats!

“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer