I’m not saying that we’ll be like MJ and Phil Jackson, I’m just saying that all great players have great coaching. Who’s yours?

Unique to Love Intentionally, our 2:2 Couples Coaching is both of us coaching both of you. Having both Angela and James for your couples coaching means that you get both of our creative minds and differing sets of strengths completely focused on your relationship…offering ideas, insight, direction, action steps, and accountability. Our sessions center on helping you determine and implement the small pivots necessary to achieve big results.

Life is definitely going to throw you curveballs. Love Intentionally 2:2 Couples Coaching is the batting practice that helps intentional couples be prepared to knock those balls out of the park. Sign up for a session today!

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2:2 Couples Coaching is for you if

  • You recognize how much more you achieve with coaching and accountability.
  • You are excited to put energy toward living the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You have clarity in many areas of your life...and could use a little help with a few pieces of the puzzle.
  • You are open to receiving ideas and feedback while being challenged along your journey.
  • You recognize that when you and your partner are in sync and working on the same goals, your growth and success is compounded.
  • The phrase “it matters who says it” resonates.
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Coaching vs. Counseling

With Angela as a counselor and James as a certified coach, we recognize the value and importance of both. The Love Intentionally Couples 2:2 Coaching is designed to be primarily a coaching model, helping you and your partner set and achieve your goals to create the life of your dreams. Couples coaching is about developing the tools, strategies and patterns that will benefit your partnership. While there are many areas of overlap between counseling and coaching, here are some of the areas of difference.


Helps you set and achieve goals

Focused on helping client reach their fullest potential

Present and future focused

Can help client improve current life situation through mindset and actions

Helps move your life from good to great and optimize results

Role is to provide feedback, encouragement, and challenge you to reach for your goals


Helps you solve problems

Focused on emotional well-being, healing and coping skills

Past and present focused

Can diagnose and treat mental health disorders

Helps to resolve issues or develop coping strategies to create a sense of peace or well-being

Role is to be supportive and allow client to set the pace

“Our intentions create our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer